Artist statement

Working in mainly new media and video, my art engages in the discourse of existentialism, raising questions about contemporary experience. My practice is research-based, examining how individual’s existence relates to their environment, including physical and virtual space.

Born in China, later educated in the UK and the US, I experienced different cultural environments, which drew me to the existentialism of individuals in different cultures. Human existence, relating to the cultural and historical heritage that they are born into, has been discussed in my works. For instance, my work three generations is a remake of three transitions by Peter Campus. His work addresses a focus on the “self” by keying out his face and revealing the second layer of his face. Appropriating the same approach he used to comment on the “self”, my work comments on how individuals reflect on the “self” in a Chinese cultural context: There is a huge legacy from the previous generations embedded within the “self”, the existence is very much developed in this legacy context.

My work also examines the existentialism of individuals within the digital realm. I make installations in virtual space to discuss the physicality of the Internet and social media. Do human body end at skin? Do identities of human end at their bodies? living in a world surrounded by technology, human existence in virtual environments such as social media becomes as important as their existence in reality. I use collage, performance and other combination of mediums in my videos to comment on the existentialism of humans in digital age. In my work post existence, I aim to illustrate how individuals divorce from their physical identity, when they act as the anonymous figure online, a figure that no longer is linked to their physical identity, therefore becomes a post identity which exists only in the digital realm, without the social pressure on morals or other social values.


  • School of the Art Institute, Chicago, Illinois
    BFA Film/Video/Animation/New media
    Merit Scholarship Award
  • University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, the United Kingdom.
    BFA Illustration, 2014-2016.
    Foundation Program, 2013-2014.
  • Pratt Institute, NY
    Digital Art /Interative Art, expected graduation 2020

Internship Experience
  • Shenzhen Fine Art Institute, Shenzhen, China, 2017 June
    Participate in project: Exchange Exhibition of Artworks From
    Shenzhen and Hong Kong

  • Guan Shanyue Art Museum, Shenzhen, China, 2015 June
    Participate in research on art foundations

Volunteer Experience
  • Induruwa Sea turtle Conservation Project & Information Center Sri Lanka, Induruwa, Sri Lanka, 2017 August

Group Exhibition
  • “Room Seventeen: The Beauty of the Baud”,
    Panther Modern Gallery, online/Mobius Gallery, Bucharest, Romania,     2017
  • “Tiansheng Invitational Exhibition of Contemporary Visual Art”, Shenzhen Fine Art Institute, China, 2017
  • “Simulacrum Living 2017, Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition”, Shenzhen Art Museum, China, 2017
  • “Four, oh Four” Columbus Site Gallery, Chicago, US, 2018
  • “Algomotion” SAIC Flex Space, Chicago, US, 2018

  • Maya 2017, Premiere Pro, After Effects, Photoshop, Logic Pro, Unity, Illustrator, InDesign

Chinese, Cantonese, English

Philosophy, Sociology, Photography, Video/Film, Illustrations, New Media Art