Artist statement

My creative practice investigates the abstract roles of human beings in a technological world. I have experienced various cultural environments, which drew me to explore different existences of individual in a philosophic and sociological sense. I like deconstructing things. I explore the position of “self” within a system, which might be its cultural and historical heritage, a virtual space, or the physical world.

I present these investigations in various forms: performance, video, installation, web-based media and interactive media. My goal, which is based on self-experience and research, is to shift perspectives away from normality as well as to raise questions to the public. The viewer is confronted with questions regarding preconceived ideas and the superficial aesthetic we take for granted.

My approach allows me to occupy both virtual worlds and physical space. Some of my works discuss the existence of human beings within the physicality of the Internet and social media. Does the human body end at skin? Does the human identity begin and end with our bodies? Surrounded by technology, human existence in virtual environments such as social media becomes as important as their existence in reality. I also make works to manifest a relationship between individuals and the evolving technologies, raising questions about the interconnection between human and media, such as cameras and computers.



Pratt Institute MFA Digital Art /Interactive Art, expected graduation May 2020

School of the Art Institute of Chicago, BFA
SAIC Merit Scholarship Awarded
Film/Video/Animation/New media, 2016-2018

University of Edinburgh, BFA Illustration, 2014-2016.

Internship Experience

A Radical Hypothesis Studio, 2019 Sept, virtual reality project “Aerobanquets RMX”

ConfigReality Tech Co. (Virtual Reality application), 2019 June, visual designer

Voice-Light Science & Technology Co., 2019 Jan, visual artist

Shenzhen Fine Art Institute, 2017 June, gallery intern

Guan Shanyue Art Museum, 2015 gallery intern

Volunteer Experience

Induruwa Sea turtle Conservation Project, Induruwa, Sri Lanka, 2017 August

Group Exhibition


Shenzhen City Light Show, Shenzhen Citizen Center, Shenzhen, China

Straight Through the Wall, New York City, NY

Cyfest-12, International Media Art Festival, St.Petersburg, Russia

Interactive Studio: New Works, DDA Gallery, Brooklyn, NY


MoveMe, DDA Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

CYFEST -12: ID –E.V.O.D.E.V.O.R.E.V.O. The Made in NY Media Center by IFP, Brooklyn, NY

Inhuman Art, Screen Saver Gallery

Fake/Reality Daedalus Project Multimedia Art Festival, Mykonos, Greece

ExFest 2018, Chicago, IL

I cant even, No One Gallery, Chicago, IL

Algomotion, SAIC Flex Space, Chicago, IL

Four, oh Four, Columbus Site Gallery, Chicago, IL

Mutuality, HK-SZ Design Twin-Cities, Shenzhen UCCN Exchange Cnter, Shenzhen, China


Blow the Wind, Ningbo, China

Room Seventeen: The Beauty of the Baud, Panther Modern Gallery

Tiansheng Invitational Exhibition of Contemporary Visual Art, Shenzhen Fine Art Institute, China

Simulacrum Living, Shenzhen Art Museum, China


Chinese, Cantonese, English