Zoe Li is an interdisciplinary artist specializing in new media art, kinetic installations and interactive installations. She investigates the abstract roles of human beings in a technological world, exploring the position of “self” within a system, which might be its cultural and historical heritage, a virtual space, or the physical world.She presents these investigations in various forms:performance, video, installation, web-based media and interactive media.Her goal is to shift perspectives away from normality as well as to raise questions to the public. The viewer is confronted with questions regarding preconceived ideas and the superficial aesthetic we take for granted.

Born in China, Zoe studied at University of Edinburgh, UK and got her BFA at the school of the Art Institute of Chicago with a concentration on new media art. She obtained an MFA from Pratt Institute digital art program in 2020. She exhibited her project in venues such as Shenzhen Fine Art Institute, Shenzhen Art Museum, Shanghai Ming Contemporary Art museum, The Made in NY Media Center by IFP, NYC, Straight Through the Wall, NYC, Fake/Reality Daedalus Project Multimedia Art Festival, Mykonos, Greece, Latitude Gallery, NYC.



Pratt Institute MFA Digital Art /Interactive Art
Silver Braids and Pratt Circle Awards

School of the Art Institute of Chicago, BFA
SAIC Merit Scholarship Awarded
Film/Video/Animation/New media

University of Edinburgh, BFA Illustration

Solo Exhibition


(Dual) Artificial Enlightenment, EDA Space, Shenzhen


Only My Hair Has Been Able to Get Free, Latitude Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

Group Exhibition


Soft Feelers, Song Art Museum, Beijing

A Movable Feast, By Art Matters Contemporary Art Museum, Hangzhou

Simulacra, Venice Arsenale Capannone

Peekskill Film Festival, Peekskill, NY


Art Nova 100 Annual Exhibition, Guardian Art Center, Beijing

The World Beyond the World, Rongyi Art Museum, Shanghai

NFT Space RefactoringShanghai World Financial Center Yunjian Art Museum, Shanghai

Do Not Black Out, Ming Contemporary Art Museum, Shanghai

Yellow Box Open Exhibition, Yellowbox Art Museum, Qingdao

New Youth 16th Shanghai Youth Art Exhibition, Liu Haisu Art Museum

Chuanliu – Greater Bay Area Art Exchange Activities, New-Who Art Museum, Shenzhen

Shanghai Fosun Foundation Art Residency 2021, Annex Space, Fosun Foundation, Shanghai

Reconstruction of Space, Luohu Art Museum, Shenzhen

Postwave Art Festival, GuoFeng Art Museum, Shenzhen

International Kansa Video Festival, Kansa, Russia

Der Digitale Schwarm, NFT show, CryptoVoxel/ Chijin

Wish We Were Here, Pratt Manhattan gallery, Manhattan, NY

The Key of Wasteland, V.C Gallery, Shenzhen, China

Simulacra, XIME Space, Shanghai, China

Regardless the West or the East, Shenzhen Oriental Art Gallery, Shenzhen, China

No Theater Screening, Himalayas Museum, Shanghai, China/Yell Space, Shanghai, China


Hibernation, Royal Society of American Art, Brooklyn, NY

Uncertainty, Latitude Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

No Theater × SO,Shenzhen,China

No Theater × 3SYZYGY,Shenzhen, China

No Theater × 白灼观影,Xiamen,China

Videos For Uncertain Times, Straight Through The Wall, NY


Shenzhen City Light Show, Shenzhen Citizen Center, Shenzhen, China

Straight Through the Wall, New York City, NY

Cyfest-12, International Media Art Festival, St.Petersburg, Russia

Interactive Studio: New Works, DDA Gallery, Brooklyn, NY


MoveMe, DDA Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

CYFEST -12: ID –E.V.O.D.E.V.O.R.E.V.O. The Made in NY Media Center by IFP, Brooklyn, NY

Inhuman Art, Screen Saver Gallery

Fake/Reality Daedalus Project Multimedia Art Festival, Mykonos, Greece

ExFest 2018, Chicago, IL

I cant even, No One Gallery, Chicago, IL

Algomotion, SAIC Flex Space, Chicago, IL

Four, oh Four, Columbus Site Gallery, Chicago, IL

Mutuality, HK-SZ Design Twin-Cities, Shenzhen UCCN Exchange Cnter, Shenzhen, China


Blow the Wind, Ningbo, China

Room Seventeen: The Beauty of the Baud, Panther Modern Gallery

Tiansheng Invitational Exhibition of Contemporary Visual Art, Shenzhen Fine Art Institute, China

Simulacrum Living, Shenzhen Art Museum, China


2022 YAV Nomination Award, YAV International Youth Arts Platform

2022 A Movable Feast Residency Program, By Art Matters Contemporary Art Museum, Hangzhou

2021  CAC://DKU 2021 Research/Creation Fellowship, by Chronus Art Center (CAC) & Duke Kunshan                    University

2021 Emerging Sci-Tech Artist Awards - Perfomance Based, Raiden INST

2021 9th Conference on Computation, Communication, Aesthetics & X, Austria

2021 Zhenro Foundation Fuzhou Artist Residency Program

2021 Pratt Digital Arts Outstanding Merit, NYC

2021 Fosun Foundation Art Residency 2021 Season 1, Shanghai

2021 Digital Artist Residency (DAR)

2021 BCA & Kusama Network Awards longlisted, BCA, Beijing

2021 Emerging Sci-Tech Artist Awards, Raiden INST, Shanghai

2020 Silver Braids and Pratt Circle Awards, Pratt Insitute, NYC

2020 TOP 100 New Star Art Award, MoCA STAR

2016 SAIC Merit Scholarship Award, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago


Chinese, Cantonese, English